Meet “Quick” Nick Fahringer the first American who won the Red Bull Romaniacs Silver

The toughest hard enduro rally in the world – Red Bull Romaniacs – shook the whole world last week from its epicenter in Romania. Many finished but only the toughest, fastest and most fit athletes earned a spot on its most desired podiums. In Gold class, Manuel Lettenbichler managed to grasp the victory from his Sherco Racing Factory runner ups Wade Young and Mario Roman. But let’s see what happened in the Silver class, the next toughest and gnarliest class of this event. Coming all the way from the United States of America, some 8.128 kilometers away, from Dayton (Ohio) to Sibiu (Romania), I present you – the champion of the Silvers – Nick Fahringer! No other American rider before him has ever won a class in Red Bull Romaniacs and this fact makes him even more special.

Nick on the first kilometers of the Prologue track in Boița. Photo credit: Tibi Hila

I can’t get enough of this. Attacking unknown, new to me trail on foreign terrain for hours upon hours a day. I would catch myself slowing down to look around at the wild and beautiful Romanian country side before waking up realizing its a damn race! Results aside, amazing experience and really fun riding. Made dozens of great friends along the way too.

This is what Nick wrote on his Facebook page in a post one week after conquering the Red Bull Romaniacs Silver class.
Silver class podium, Photo credit: Marius Dincă

So let us get to know you better…

  • Born in 1987: 34 years old
  • Hight: 6’1” (185cm)
  • Weight: 192 lbs (87kg)
  • Home town: Englewood, Dayton, Ohio, USA
  • Team: FactoryOne Sherco
  • Palmares:
    • 2019 AMA American Hard Enduro series
    • 3rd Place and multiple AMA national victories
    • 3x ISDE Gold medalist
    • 4x Moose Run Champion
    • 2021 Red Bull Romaniacs Silver class winner

Q: – How old were you when you first rode a motorcycle? From what age did you start competing and in what offroad branch? Motocross, Enduro, Hard Enduro (Extreme Enduro), Endurocross or smtg else?

A: – Began riding at 3 years old. Raced my first cross country at age 12, then first enduro at 13y old.

That’s impressive… tell us something about your family!

Q: – Any other family member(s) who ride?

A: – Both parents ride, less now than when they were younger. Sister used to ride dirtbikes but now races Cyclecross professionaly.

Q: – Was motorcyclig your first love? What other sports do you practice?

A: – I would say so. Mountain biking is a big one for me outside of enduro. I do happen to do a little bit of indoor rock climbing to cross train in the winter.

Q: – At Red Bull Romaniacs Vertical Madness Reloaded you rode a Sherco. What motorcycle(s) do you have at home and ride?

A: – I raced a 2022 Sherco SE300 Factory in Romaniacs. I have 2 Sherco 300 enduro bikes at home I ride and race; as well as a Sherco 300 trials bike. I have been riding the Sherco for 4 years now and really appreciate how well they handle and the strong smooth low to top end power. The Sherco recently started to come with KYB suspension which has been a huge performance enhancement for more supple and progressive action. I brought my custom tuned KYB setup as well as bars, clamps, and SmartCarb with me for Romaniacs.

“Quick Silver” Nick on one of the Red Bull Romaniacs tough tracks. Photo credit: Marius Dincă

Q: – What do you do for a living? And how much free time do you have for training?

A: – I am an engineer for a small motorcycle parts business, so I end up doing a little bit of everything from designing parts to setting up and repairing equipment. I am fortunate to be allowed to take time off to race, and get to train after work and on the weekends.

So you are a “weekend hero”…how about disciplined? Tell us about your habits.

Q: – What does one of your training sessions look like? What type of exercises? Or you just do specific training, like riding your bike? How about nutrition?

A: – I have a trainer who directs my training efforts. I spend a fair amount of time simply riding the enduro bike or bicycles, following specific protocols at times to optimize my workout. I also do endurance strength training and yoga. All in a balance with time and schedule to best prepare for events. Regarding nutrition, I eat a lot of high quality meats and fresh vegetables and fruits. Pretty basic but I avoid many things that aren’t good for me.

Q: – How did you come by Romaniacs? What made you want to compete in it?

A: – Romaniacs has always been the biggest hard enduro event I have heard of and always wanted to do it. The amount of riding involved and the adventure of it drew me in. After years of wanting to, I finally pulled the trigger.

Q: – I understand you are in top 5 best Hard Enduro riders in the USA. Is that correct? Where do you train for hard enduro, because I did my homework and Ohio is mostly flatland, totally opposite to Romaniacs terrain.

A: – I have been successful in the US hard enduro racing over the past few years, but the competition has grown and the sport has become an aggressive extreme enduro sprint, which has pushed me back to top 10, top 8 or so haha! (e.n.: he laughs). I often drive 4+ hours away to train in the hills on weekends off.

Nick on day 1 track, Photo credit: Olaru Corina

Q: – What was most most difficult for you in Romaniacs, because there are sooo many differences: terrain particularities, different timetable etc. you name it.

A: – The biggest obstacle for me to handle was the crazy down hills. Nothing else in the Silver class seemed too difficult from what I have trained on.

Q: – What did you enjoy most in RBR (Red Bull Romaniacs)? And in Romania?

A: – I most enjoyed the continuous racing across diverse terrain, but mostely the really good soil and old growth forests! The food in Romania is also pretty great too.

I “stole” this pic with the Bran castle – Vlad the Impaler’s residence, aka Count Dracula – from Nick’s personal archive on Facebook 😉 Shhhhhh…don’t tell him! 🙂

Q: – Was it the first time you visited Romania? What did you like most?

A: – This is my second visit. I first came 3 or 4 years ago to assist with a guided enduro tour for one of the popular tour companies.

I guess this means you haven’t felt quite like “an Englishman in New York”…

Q: – When will you be back in Romania? I understood you plan to compete in Gold class next year.

A: – I intend to return to race Romaniacs Gold now that I have gained the experience of racing silver. I was between silver and gold this year, but after winning I must advance and push myself to succeed in Gold.

Nick on the Finish wall, day 3. Photo credit: Dragoș Dumitru

Q: – Will you choose again Radu and his Sherco Enduro Tours team next year at RBR?

A: – I will be on a Sherco next year. And the plan is to work with Radu again, hopefully with some assistance from the factory as well.

Q: – Do you find it necessary to train in the exact terrain (maybe come to Sibiu again before RBR 2022) or you will find different methods at home?

A: – I will do my best to train at home over the next year and arrive a little early next year, as I did this year to acclimate again to the Romanian terrain and hills.

Maybe you will participate again at Ditrocks race previous to Romaniacs as you did this year!

Q: – What is your goal in the Gold class?

A: – Gold class goal is top 15.

You seem to me like a very determined, hard-working and competitive person. I believe you could do a top 10 result in Gold class next year…

Nick Fahringer and his Sherco 300 SE Factory at work on day 3. Photo credit Tibi Hila

Q: – What sponsors support you in your career? Or you “fight” on your own, at your own expense? Because moral support I know you have a lot! I’m talking about the SEER group friends which I salute!

A: – I have quite a collection of industry sponsors that help supply the equipment I utilize. Most of these are team sponsors of the FactoryOne Sherco team.

A very focused Nick Fahringer caught on camera by Marius Dincă during the 2021 Red Bull Romaniacs Vertical Madness Reloaded (18th edition)

A: – The FactoryOne Sherco team has assisted me for a few years now with bikes and equipment, however financially I am on my own. A number of individuals, clubs and businesses contributed to my Romaniacs effort to offset the ridiculous expense.

Q: – What else do you enjoy doing in your free time besides riding motorcycles and doing other sports?

A: – I have no free time. But I love being outside, cycling, kayaking, traveling, music, eating all sorts of food. I would love some time off. But a privateer’s life is quite busy.

Q: – What other goals do you have with your riding career?

A: – Do my best and continously improve to be optimized. And have fun!

Q: – What is your motto?

A: – Be yourself!

Q: – Do you have a piece of advice for the people who plan to go to RBR?

A: – Have great cardiovascular fitness. Have a solid team of support (such as the crew at Sherco Romania, Radu’s Sherco Enduro Tours, or various other rental and support programs). Ride smart. Have a reliable bike set up with proper suspension tuning. Be familiar with GPS navigation. Have your nutrition and hydration dialed!

Below you will find a YouTube link with a chat I had with Nick about day 3 at Service Point. Enjoy!

Written by: Maria-Teodora SECUL